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Milieu Strategy creates opportunities for our clients by helping them expand their influence, grow their audience and deepen their community engagement. We do so by bringing ideas and people together and by connecting organizations to Canada’s diverse and growing communities. We’ve planned everything from large-scale speaking events for political candidates to long-term strategic plans for startups. Our strategies for achieving success are as diverse as your audience. Our services include:

Diversity and Inclusiveness training 

Business and Community Outreach

Strategic Planning and Cross-Cultural Approaches

Multilingual Communications and Media Relations

Social Impact Campaigns

Event Planning

Research and Reports

Public Relations

At Milieu, we have the know-how, the network, and the determination to help make a continually evolving marketplace work for you.

Creating growth through connections.

Business Meeting

Public Sector

We assist government at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels in providing better service to constituents and members of the public service through diversity training and outreach.  In understanding the communities that they serve, they can provide the relevant services that are needed.


Private Sector Businesses

Our firm provides exceptional service for businesses looking to gain exposure in new communities, grow their audiences, and expand their influence. Our consultants have comprehensive experience helping organizations shape their strategic outlook, develop an inclusive working environment, deepen their community engagement and reach new customers through effective communications outreach. 

Not-for profit Organizations and Charities

Not-for-profit organizations have benefited from our unique outreach strategies and social impact campaigns that provide vital opportunities to reach politicians and diverse communities alike. We help create awareness about your organization’s mission, vision and values by building the bridges and networks you need to achieve your strategic goals.

Political Campaigns

Our team has worked on a roster of successful political campaigns – leadership to by-elections at all three levels of government. Our community outreach strategies have delivered proven results. We help candidates reach new audiences and build meaningful relationships.  

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